Avail Waterproofing and Water Damage Restoration under one Roof


At Gaveet Construction, people obtained a multi-layer waterproofing system for their building structures. Whether, it is residential or commercial, the multi layer water proofing system keeps the structures protected from mold, erosion, and water damages.

water_damage02Moisture, condensation, water leaks and dampening are the four most common issues found in every building structure. These issues, slowly and gradually decay the walls, floors, rooftops and the pillars developing the need for a quick restoration services.

Apart from damages caused by water leaks, fire also plays an important role in hampering the building structures. Therefore, Gaveet Construction provides fire and water-damage restoration service in Los Angeles, CA. Entire facilities are handled by the team of specialists, who have been trained and certified by the reputed industrial agencies

water_protection01-243x300In water proofing and damage restoration services, Gaveet Construction covers stairs, walkway, swimming pool, waterfall, balcony, pond, driveway, etc. The list has endless entries for waterproofing.

In most of the cases, the service providers parts the water damage and waterproofing services. At Gaveet Construction, the team is fully equipped with latest machines, equipment and tools to provide best services to the people.

Value for money, quick restoration, satisfaction and better accessibility are the four pillars that help customers avail entire services under one roof.


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